Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions to get the best out of our website. If you have a question that is not covered, contact us at info@crewfiles.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Is there additional fee for placement?

There are NO placement fees. 

Why can't I see the full profile?

Only registered members access the full profile of a candidate.  Search results provide a limited profile available to non members from the home pageClick here to register.

Can I cancel my membership?

Cancel at anytime.  Membership fees will not be prorated if cancelled early.

Do unused credits roll over to the next month?

You will have 90 days from your start date to use the allotted number of credits.  

Should I let Crew Files know when I hire someone?

We are not a placement agency, so you don't have to notify us.

Are the candidates prescreened in any way?

There is not a prescreening process.  A proper interview and screening process should be done by the client. 

How do I search crew for a sailing vessel?

The easist way to make sure your crewmember has sailing experience is by selecting "sailing" as the skill in the search criteria.


How do I set up a Candidate Alert?

This is one of our favorite time saving features.  From My Account, select Add Crew Alert.   Simply add in the candidate criteria that you require, and you will receive notifications to your email inbox when a matching candidate registers.  This is ideal when you need a crewmember with specific language skills, or qualifications such as a Y4 or Massage Certification.  


Can my job listing to be anonymous?

You are not required to show your contact details or the vessel name in a job listing.  

You can leave the vessel name blank or name it M/Y Confidential.  

When adding a job listing, there is an field called "Show Client".  By selecting, DO NOT Show Details on Jobs, this will hide your details.

When candidates apply to your job, their profile will be emailed to you from the Crew Files site. Then you have the option to download their full resume without any direct contact to the crew member.


How does the Message System work?

Once you UNLOCK the crew profile, you can send them a message.

How do I view crew that applied to my job listing?

Review applicants by going to My Account, then View Applicants. 

You will receive an email alert when a candidate applies to your job.  If you prefer not to receive these emails, alerts can be turned off in account settings or you can send an email requesting us to make the adjustment for you.

How do I contact crew for work?

When you UNLOCK the profile, this will allow you to access all of the contact and hiring information made availalble. You are then free to call, email or message them to organize an interview or for immediate work.  If you message them through the Crew Files messenger, you will be alerted via email on their reply.

What are screening questions?

The easiest way to keep unnecessary applications from you inbox is to use screening questions.  

On the job posting form, the very last question asks if you would like to add screening questions.  These can be very helpful as they require the crew member to answer yes or no in order for their application to be considered.  For example, If you're looking for a Y4 Engineer and you can't consider anything else....you might place this as a screening question.  "Do you currently hold a Y4?"  It may seem too simple, but this question can keep aspiring Y4 crew from your inbox, and streamline your efforts.  

Another example could be..."Are you willing to share a cabin with a crewmember of the opposite sex?" 

How long do job postings stay active? Reposting?

A job posting will stay active for 90 days, and will be archived to your account after that.  Once the position is filled, log into your account manager, select Manage Jobs, select the job you wish to delete, then click Deactivate Job(s).