Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions to get the best out of our website. If you have a question that is not covered, contact us at info@crewfiles.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Are there any fees for crew?

No.  Our service is absolutely FREE for crew.

Can I turn my profile off / on when I have work?

Yes! Maybe you have daywork for a few weeks, found a permanent position, or are out of town for a bit...you can easily hide your profile for as long as you need.  When logged in go to My Account, then select Edit Profile.  The first question asks if you would like to show in the search results.  Selecting NO will remove you from the results until you are ready to be contacted for work again.  

How will a boat contact me for a job?

A registered member can view your contact details and will then have the option of contacting you through either the phone or email address you have provided. Make sure your voice mail is set up and always answer your phone. There is also a messenger feature that allows someone to ask you a question, which you will recive by email.

Can I create a profile without a resume/ CV?

You will NOT show in the search results if you have not uploaded a CV.  You can still register and create a profile.

Can I select Daywork, Freelance & Permanent?

Absolutely. Select as many options for “Availability” or "Position" as you would like to be considered for. The combination of any criteria will not negatively affect how you appear in the results.  If you don't want Daywork anymore, simply go to My Account, Edit Details, then deselect it from your information.

What should my profile picture look like?

It is ideal to use the same professional photo that you use on your CV. Head and shoulders. Wear a shirt with a collar and a big smile.

Not too casual. Not in a group. Not a selfie. 

Who can view my profile?

Only registered members can view your full profile. A non registered member is able to view a preview of your profile, but cannot view your name, contact details or uploaded documents. Below is an example of a preview.

How do I apply for a job?

By clicking the APPLY button shown at the bottom of each job, your candidate profile will be sent with a note saying “John Deck would like to be considered for this position”. It is then up to the person posting the position if they would like to download your Resume / CV and contact you for further discussion. They have the option of contacting you through either the phone or email address you have provided. 

How does a Job Alert work?

By selecting Job Alerts from My Account, select Add New Job Alert Profile.   Simply add in the position criteria that interests you, and you will receive notifications to your email inbox when a new position is posted.

Where do I add my references?

4 - 6 recent references should be included either on your resume, or as a seperate document uploaded to your profile. 

Please make sure that you reach out to your references to let them know they might be receiving a phone call.  It’s also a great way to job hunt as previous positions can make for great networking.


Proper format for a reference:

Sarah Ocean, Chief Stewardess

M/Y Second Chance

Phone: 954 555 5555  

Email: sarahocean@aol.com

What if I don't want daywork anymore?

To add or remove any of the availability options:  

1.  Log in to your account & select Profile. 

2.  Under Register Details go to Availability.  

3. Adjust availability as necessary, then click Submit.