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Profile Tips

Presenting Skills, Certifications & Personality



Profile Photo

Here are a few tips for taking your own profile photo:

  • Professional enough to go on top of your resume/ CV
  • Go outdoors in the evening just before sunset (Great light & no squinty eyes or face shadows)
  • Collared shirt (polo or button down) & Clean Shave / Haircut
  • Hold your hands behind you back
  • NO Selfies

Contact Details & Communicating for Potential Jobs

Keep your phone number and email current.  Set up your voice mail and be prompt about returning phone calls or emails. Captains can also message questions through the Crew Files messaging system - so checking your email is equally important.


Daywork & Freelance

To be a successful freelancer, you don’t want your profile to show as “available” when you’re really not. Being available for daywork or freelance work requires that you manage this setting regularly by selecting wether you would like to appear in searches. It’s easily accessed from your mobile device or tablet.

If you have work for a few days or weeks, make this quick adjustment until you’re ready to be called again.


Your Location

Employers are searching based on your location; so this is another area to keep updated and be honest. If you put your location as Fort Lauderdale and that you’re looking for Daywork, you should be in Fort Lauderdale and available immediately.


Resume / CV Upload

You can register and create your profile, but you must upload a resume to show up in the search results.



Please include your 4 references in your resume/CV, or upload as an additional document.  Additional documents can be added when you apply for a position.

Ideal format is:
Boat / Company Name, Position of Reference


Letters of Reference / Additional Documents

Add any additional documents or letters of reference that you might have by going to My Account, My Documents.  These documents can be added when you apply for a position, or you can add them as a photo gallery image.


Photo Gallery

What kind of photos will help you get a job?

We encourage you to add images that highlight your professional skills and abilities, supporting culinary talents, tablescapes, floral arranging, themed events, watersports, hobbies, travel and in general - a positive sense of adventure.  Avoid images that involve drinking or that could be interpreted negatively by someone looking to hire you.

As crew you travel to some of the most amazing corners of the world; we think your pictures can highlight the impeccable levels of service and camaraderie of yachting. 

From the side menu, select Add Photo Gallery Image to submit the photos and they will be posted to your profile within 3 days.  Crew Files will review all photos and may do some cropping and editing for the best display.


Video Profile

By creating a video, this is a chance to really sell your professionalism, charm and excitement
to this amazing opportunity.

Keep the video 1-2 minutes; speak slowly and clearly. Be genuine. Share the qualities that
make you a memorable candidate for this position. Don’t just recite your CV - express that
you have a hardworking and flexible attitude and a willingness to learn.

Wear what you would wear to an interview.
Be well groomed, clean shave and no heavy makeup.
Find an uncluttered and quiet area.

Still not sure where to start?

1. Think about why you came to yachting and what your goals are.
2. What makes you an irreplaceable member of the team?
3. How do you stay positive and motivated in your position?
4. Do you lead by example?
5. How do you stay inspired with whats trending in food or interior styling?