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Yachting Professionals That Are Ready to Work


Browse Available Crew for Daywork, Freelance, Permanent, Rotation & Delivery Positions

Our search criteria focuses on the most basic search requirements to connect you to the right crew member.  Search by: Position, AvailabilityLocation, US or Foreign, Languages, Specialized Skills (Carpentry, Cooking, Sailing, Massage Certification, etc.), Vessel Size Range, Years of Yachting Experience  Ready to start your search?

Search results provide a list of candidates, along with thier mini profile for quick assessment. By selecting "View Crew", you will see a detailed crew profile plus gallery photos and video.  When you're ready to contact the candidate, use a credit to "Unlock" their details.


Contact Crew Directly or Ask a Question w/ the Messenger

Once you have “Unlocked” the candidate, the resume, LinkedIn profile, contact details and messenger will be immediately available.  Use the messaging feature to ask the candidate questions, and their response will be sent to your email.  

You are free to call or email to set up an interview or bring them in for immediate work.  As we are not a placement agency, there is no need to let us know when you hire someone.




Crew Profile Credits (1 Credit = 1 Candidate)

(1) Credit can “UNLOCK” the candidates profile to reveal their contact details, resume / CV, LinkedIn profile and the messenger feature. There are no placement fees.  You must have (1) credit in your account to "View Crew" past the search results page.  


Free Job Posting

Job Posting is FREE!  You will receive an email alert when a candidate applies to your job.  Sign in to your account manager and select View Applicants.  From here you can view the profile of crew that have applied to your job posting and download their CV.


Helpful Features: Crew Alerts & Screening Questions

Screening Questions

On the job posting form, the very last question asks if you would like to add screening questions.  For example, If you're looking for a Y4 Engineer and you can't consider anything else....you might place this as a screening question.  "Do you currently hold a Y4?"  It may seem too simple, but this question can keep aspiring Y4 crew from your inbox, and streamline your efforts.  

Receiving Crew Alerts

A Crew Alert will notify you via email when a crewmember matching your requests registers on Crew Files. This is a great time saving tool when you need crew with a specific skill or language.  


Need Help?

Just because our service operates online, doesn’t mean the hand holding is over. Emails and questions / comments submitted online will be answered within 24 hours. Contact info@crewfiles.com